Scouting – youth skills for Life

At EMIT we make time and resources available to our key communities. We understand that there are few easy answers to challenges that community leaders face. And, we also know that unity in purpose will guide us to sustainable solutions. 

Scouting skills for life program is one that we work with as volunteers in Scouting. In business, we have many skills and resources that we can share with young people and adults that support them. Our customers benefit as much from our engagement in Scouting as do our social communities. Here is an outline of the program…..

As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We bring communities together and contribute to society. Above all, we aim to build better futures.

Each week almost half a million young people enjoy fun, friendship and outdoor adventure. They develop a sense of optimism and strong values as well as the leadership and teamwork skills that are more valuable today than ever before. Our plan for the next five years is simple. We need to build on our recent success and focus on the challenges we face. Our volunteers do not always get the support they need. The public do not always understand what we do and we are not seen as relevant or
open enough.

Despite these challenges, Scouting achieves remarkable things. Our previous plan, Scouting for All, inspired 834 new sections to start in areas of deprivation since 2013. We now help over 462,000 young people aged 6-18 (including 102,000 girls) get the best possible start in life. It inspired our community impact campaign, A Million Hands, helping over 250,000 young people make a positive contribution in their local communities.

Now we want to go further. You asked us to focus on Scouting on the ground and this plan does just that. It supports and empowers Section Leaders to deliver an amazing programme. It’s also a plan to contribute to a better society. But most of all it’s a plan for young people. They deserve the best skills, the best support and the best
possible futures.

Should you be moved to make a donation for the Scouting community, you can do so here>