Network of exceptional service providers

Over the past 15 years, EMIT has established a network of exceptional service providers. They are based in the UK, US, Romania and Belgium. We have been involved in mentoring and providing psychometric testing support to teams or individuals. Delivered design, development and maintenance support for WordPress websites. Helped with front and/or back end developments, performed impact analysis and marketing campaigns also supported social media efforts. Our networks have their networks. In which case, if there is something that we are not currently able to provide, we will know somebody that can deliver what is needed.  

We use our network of exceptional service providers to deliver for our clients. Organizations come to EMIT when they need a project office skill set who can pull together a range of unrelated services.  Rather than find several companies that must be managed, our clients prefer to have one contact and one invoice. This is where we come in or specifically where I can help. My ADHD brain, mentoring experience and leadership psychometric profile are ideally suited to herding cats. And anybody who has worked in a project office will know that keeping many things on track can test the best of us. 

EMIT can add value to you, your team and your company. 

If you need a little help, contact us

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