Personal and Corporate Citizenship

We believe it’s important to practice what we preach. Today, every serious and forward-looking business must take account of society’s sustainability goals. Business is being judged by its performance, economically as well as in the non-financial areas of environmental standards, human rights, and compliance to best practice international codes of conduct. Those that ignore these stated goals do so at their peril.   
We strive to do our best all of the time and look to improve continuously as we and society learn more about business, life and how human behaviour impacts the planet and our relationships.  
Our activities are informed by: the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, World Economic Forum guidelines on global corporate citizenship,  OECD guidelines together with Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We have gained much experience from supporting many communities and projects, locally and around the world. Practically, we have learned from the flagship projects of the UN, World Economic Forum and International Red Cross groups. Many of these cover digital divide, global health, logistics and transportation or disaster networks. Whilst supporting these projects around the world, we were also able to participate in the Davos, Switzerland gathering and their regional settings.